Training in heels

A pole dancing session can be divided in two. The first part is stretching and warm up. Then you can either try tricks, spins and transitions barefoot (usually when I wanna try some advanced stuff) or you can wear high PLATFORM heels (aka stripper shoes!), to get more into a dancing mood and practicing your moves, either on the pole or floor. I love floor work- a combination of sexy turns, transitions, stretches and even yoga poses. I like to warm up with my heels already on lol

You'd think its a lot harder to pole dance with those shoes but its not. The shoes actually help you with the walk, you can "drag" your feet and the platform protect your toes from hitting the floor. I'm like 6'3  when I wear those, a giant ahah!

Today I did  about 30 min floor work, 20 min hula hop, 30 more min of stretching and foam rolling. Here its me hula hoping!


I'm on day 2 on my experimental Survivor ROC Diet and I'm not planning to do high intensity cardio till I'm done with it (2 weeks). But if I feel good maybe I'd do some short sessions ;)