Survivor ROC Diet. Day 1, 2

So the other day I ended up with too many rice cakes and more than 70gr of peanut butter... Crap! I knew it :( The guilt was pretty bad, so much so I decided to create and try a superstrict regimen of 2 weeks- just before my trip to Italy, so that I can get there on top shape, maybe little skinnier to match the italian population? Lol. I'm gonna be on the "Survivor ROC Diet". Its a diet variation I invented to lose quickly few pounds-mostly water and fat. I decided to call it this way because if I don't die by following it...I'll be pretty much a survivor lol. Its very strict, and it requires iron focus and will. Those are the guidelines:

Calories are 1000-1200 a day No cardio Just weights and stretching

The reason why there is no cardio is because the calories are very low already and beside the weights and stretching, you wont need to burn more cals. Remember this is a 2 WEEKS hardcore diet plan, not a lifestyle one.

I started yesterday and I was feeling pretty weak already. Good sign and major "suck it up" philosophy here. I think it would be a great ebook, let's see how I do. Will keep you posted and take pics and measurements as well. I like to be my own guinea pig!  ;)

(And no, I'm not on Paleo!)