What's up, buddy!

My "buddy" George came down here to Miami to visit a friend, so I got a chance to see him. Do you remember the steak guy? Yep, he's the one who converted me into red meat again. We went out for dinner with his friend and wife at the Fontainebleau hotel, I thought what a great opportunity to wear my swarowski shoes! Struck a pose here, just for the heck of it ;)

Anyway back to the dinner,I was so RED from the sun that I look like a mad pepper

The food was very good, we ordered different plates to share.

One the way back we snapped some pics from the car. Not sure what George put in my drink, but that's how I looked...

Lol jk!

Today I was invited for brunch to his friend's house. It was up in north Miami Beach, and George took me there on a big beautiful motorcycle. FYI, he is one of the top bike builders in the world, has amazing skills and style. You can check his work here!

I was being an old lady telling him not to go fast lol...but after a while I got comfortable and I must say, I really enjoyed the ride. The weather was awesome, streets clear, the ocean on the side...speachless! I live in such a beautiful place that I never get used to it. Plus I have great friends that come visit me :)