A "not-so-strict" day

If you commit not to cheat, soon or later you'll have to deal with cravings a way or another, anyway. Its not that we-not food cheaters- never have cravings. Its human to desire different texture, flavor, smell... If someone tells you he never changes his diet or never craves anything, either is a robot or is lying. Most probably the second one ;)The problem is...how to deal with cravings without messing your diet up? I hear tons of stories when it comes to cheating. The one that hit my nerves best is "oh a bite of that won't kill you". My reactions are, in the following order: Fuck off (but is not verbally expressed). No it won't kill me, but is not life or death we are talking about here. I rather DON'T have a bite, because a bite just tickle my taste buds. And once they wake up to new/forgotten flavors, believe me, I can eat the bite, the whole thing and YOU in it. Its like telling an ex alcoholic to have a sip. I had a pretty tense relationship with food, if I have something out of my routine, I wanna be the one to decide it, not doing it just because YOU said SO. Yeah I'm feisty and so done with this comment lol.

Anyway, the title of this post is "a not-so-strict day" because that's how it was for me today. I really craved something different and I know it was unjustified. Haven't been low carbs or cals, so what the heck. I really had to play smart. People deal with cravings 3 ways:

Wait they pass, had lots of veggies or fibers (often times works).

BINGE either with healthy food (hey I'm just carbing up! Whole grains are healthy right? Like brown rice and honey and...RIGHT?) Or with whatever CRAP they dreaming about (NEVER my case, I can't stand sugars and junk, I can't stand them going into my body, period.)

Third way is NEGOTIATION.

Not talking about moderation, not talking about 1/10 of snicker bar won't hurt kinda bullshit. Its finding something STILL "approved" in your diet that can fight off the craving. It can mean adding few hundreds cals more for a day, from something you LIKE but still not totally wrong. And if you know me, you know I'm talking PEANUT BUTTER.

I wanted to see how much I really craved it, without measuring it FIRST. So I weighted the jar before, 630gr. I ate my dose and re-weighted the jar, 560gr. So My craving was 70gr (412 cals, 35gr fat). You see why I cant have it on a regular basis... :(

I also tried out SOCCA. Its nothing but the classic italian "farinata", a gluten free type of flatbread made from chick peas flour. I kept the oil out and just made it with a cup flour, a cup water, salt and pepper. Came out good!

Baked in the over 10min at 450F. I ate a salad with it

Just those 2 "extras" MADE it. I didn't have to overstuff myself with fibers and look like a pregnant hippo, nor to go all out with a refeed I didn't need at all. You gotta know when to just suck it up, or when to compromise.

Now I just need to hide that damn peanut butter. Lol