One of those days

It's just one of those days. It usually happens in the middle/end of the week, after several sessions of hard-non-stop training. I need a SLOW day. It's not just a day off, but a VERY OFF one. I'm sore (yesterday's deadlifts killed me) and really feel like doing nothing. I'm tired. I used to freak out on these days (I'cant be doing NOTHING!!!) but now I just take it. It's my body getting recovery to a higher degree. It's asking me just to take it easy. I don't like these days because I end up feeling lazy and hungry and bored. But I also learned its not an excuse, but a needed break. So mind must shut it. I just want the night to come, go to sleep and wake up full of energy again. Usually these days I feel also soft and fat...sometimes I get the crazy thought of wanting to be "skinny" again- I dont like to feel my legs and arms fuller, my abs less cut. But then I remember I'm just in phase 2, the one of growth and "there is not only body fat to think about in life" approach. I have better focus, energy and mood. I feel strong as hell. I'm not bloated. Food is more and I'm still lean. It's just under my eyes that things look always different. I'm hard to understand. Hard to satisfy. If im shredded im too small, if im more muscular im too big. Ahhhhhh.......

Anyway, let's play some fun stuff. If I was fat and careless, today I'd have  eaten:

pizza with mozzarella di bufala, like this one

banana and crunchy peanut butter

bread with walnuts (and honey too)

Ritter Sport chocolate. The one with the  biscuit in it! missing here

Food porn ! Make you eat with your eyes ;)

What I had INSTEAD:

oats, eggwhites and kabocha squash.

turkey, avocado, steamed veggies.

ricecakes, eggwhites, cashews.

steak, steamed veggies, wheat bran cooked in almond milk.

800ml circa water kefir.

Anyway. Tomorrow is another day.