There is something about leg raises

This morning I woke up and it was pouring rain. Looked like Milan in November... Wtf! I'm in Miami and its MAY. When you live here you get pretty spoiled, weather wise. Blue sky, hot sun, beach and palms are usual stuff. Unless the occasional storm today. So I didn't wanna do my morning cardio, heavy rain being another reason why not to go. But after several minutes of "psyching up" I made it out my house. Walking with my little umbrella...meh. Water flooding everywhere...last time it was so bad, I remember seeing someone kayaking on Alton Road lol. I'm serious! Got to the gym, still didn't wanna do cardio. Total REPULSION. So I reached a compromise: 30min abs, 30min cardio. Fair enough.

The routine was the following, on swiss ball: Reverse crunch holding 10lbs db between feet 3x20, torso rotation with 25lbs db 3x20, crunch holding same db on chest 3x10. Cable knees crunch with rope, 50lbs 3x15. Crunch again on swissball, holding cable-rope behind neck, 10lbs 4x10. Hanging leg raises to finish up.

NOW. There is something about leg raises. But its kind of a TABU. Among women its common to experience a deep "stimulation" down there by doing core exercises-especially leg raises. It's called "coregasm" and its caused by repeatedly pelvic muscles contraction (mostly PC) and nerve stimulation. The stronger your pelvic muscles, the easier it happens. Sounds familiar? Lol :D

Unlock the mystery and read more about it here.

So now you have a reason more to work that core, girl ;)