The world through my eyes... and a pen

I always liked to draw. Back in Italy as a kid, I remember sitting at my desk hours, drawing teenager stories, love, little drama, dreams, and lots of kisses. It took me a while to learn to draw faces on the side. I liked to draw black and white, on paper with pen, quick. If it was wrong I was starting again. Mostly comics. Then naked women. There was an artist that thought me to draw bodies, his name is Milo Manara. The most beautiful, expressive drawings I ever seen (VERY erotic, I'd say porn comics...). I loved drawing so much that I did it even on my room's wall

I like to draw to express how I feel. I have tons of drawings back at home made out of happiness, desperation, sadness, anger, love, depression, fear.

Once I got my IPad, I learned to draw on it. Like this simple one

But my favorite are the expressive ones. One day I was thinking how diverse sometimes is the communication between body and mind. Like the mind want something, but the body follows its nature...and I couldnt help myself lol

Other times I draw from my heart. There is a guy that made me draw much. I let you free to interpret those...

Now I'd like to keep doing funny, but also focus on "erotic art", basically draw more sexy scenes, naked women. I just love bodies and women are much more fun to draw then men. Those are my last drawings, inspired from imaginary dancers

Drawing with my fingers is not the same as with a pen...its harder. I guess I'll get a pen for Ipad, because I like how you can play with shades and colors on it. Will post more art... as soon as I get more inspiration ;)