Casting call... and car shoot

Today I went to a casting for a lingerie catalog. I received a call by a representative of this big lingerie company who told me how much they loved my pictures...Thanks to Paul Buceta! My hero :) I'll be contacted soon to know if I'll be working for them. Keeping fingers crossed!

On the way back I was in a "modeling mode"... my friend Terry (who is also my bodyguard lol) was driving, so I started the improvised shoot

I need to learn how to pose and have different looks... I started checking myself in the mirror lol

Then more smiles...

At a certain point I began annoying Terry

doing the cuddling face

Then I was getting short of ideas but I remembered having a swim suit on me....ta-da!

Got in the back almost broke a leg... but I struck a pose  successfully ;)

Poor Terry... having as friend the worst show off on the planet :P

But that's how I am what can I say... I had some crazy fun time :)

La vita è bella! See you next post,