How low

I go through phases.There have been several moments in my life where getting rid of fat was the only thing I could think of. I wanted to be fat free, sugar a chewing gum lol. Why? Because I love REAL LEAN. I love definition, I love seeing my abs shredded, I love muscles, veins, I love tight skin and all that.

My first attempt was a total failure (or a win? Depends how u see it). I screwed it up. I didn't know a thing about getting lean, back in Italy as a teenager I was bombarded with magazines full of extra thin models,they looked so classy and pretty to me. When fashion week was in town...oh man how depressing lol.

So I thought not eating was the way to go. Got anorexic. Finally after a painful while something lighted up in my mind: STOP. What the hell was I doing? So I gained some weight back. But getting down to 46 kg at 178cm tall, toughen me up. I won't ever forget what I put myself through.

Here I was 19, getting better

With YEARS of trial and error, which included gaining muscle, losing it, gaining it again, eating too low, too much, endless cardio, too light weights etc... I FIGURED. I mean, I learned how to play smart with body composition and body fat process, and how low its worth to go. Given the fact I'm natural, stimulant free except caffeine, there are things to consider when wanting to go extremely low with your bodyfat. My lowest ever has been 7%. Downsides: I couldn't keep muscle on. It was hard to keep extreme definition without losing muscle, and I lose it fast. My FACE: precisely the shape of a capital V. My BUTT: miserably small and boney. My STOMACH: constantly irritated and bloaded, due to excess fibers and vegetables. U gotta deal with THAT 7% bodyfat hunger somehow... And let me tell u, ur stomach might shrink, but ur hunger don't. My PERIOD: what? Lol Not to mention my MOOD/energy and concentration level: low as my bodyfat!

I LOVED the rest. Tight skin, definition even on quads, no fat on lower back or abs (well I was always able to find some lol). Looking great in any sort of clothes-bloating permitting. Feeling hard, hot!

Me in my bathroom, with my famous shower curtain

NOW I'm into phase2. I NEED more energy and focus. I need it because I'm into traveling, promoting myself, deal with new training challenges like advance my pole dance, a "Sofi expansion". I need more energy to get connected with the world around me. No more 100% monk life. I added more cals daily-some fats and carbs. Still writing down everything in my journal, food, feelings, training (been doing it for years, everyday. Never missed ONE). So now some previous downsides have been reversed, with just gaining few pounds. Less definition? Yes. So? I can get to phase 1 if I want, because I know how to.

now...Keeping the hotness lol

I'm still totally "in CONTROL", thats the real point in the end: being able to make changes because YOU PLAN and DECIDE to, not feeling that a change will make you lose your previous gains. Its not one way or the other. There are TONS of ways to be. So how low u wanna go?