Life's a beach

I have a very personal relationship with places. Almost like I do with people. Its not that I talk with rocks or hug trees ok... Just I connect with the surroundings. This morning I went here

This is South Beach on 15th, five min from my house. The ocean was a little wavy and that's when I like it the most. Don't know why everytime I swim in the ocean I get lots of memories of when I was little. All those hours spent in the water. Maybe because the ocean never changed since then and I just feel like if I was a kid again.

I like also what comes with being on the beach: salty skin, tan, natural hair highlights... I enjoy all the details, like the smell of tanning lotions, the endless noise of waves crushing, the breeze, the miles you gotta walk till you get to actually swim. I love Miami.

I slept 3 hrs last night but I forced myself to wake up and drag myself outside... Been laying on the sand few hours like a dead whale lol. Skipping sleep means being more hungry, easy to get stressed out, depressed immune system, aching body, decreased attention, laziness. I'm ok with all of that, if it's a Sunday and I can call it a beach day...Phew!