Time wasted

There are few things you might been doing without even realizing it, that waste your time - the time you should invest in yourself, new goals, new strategies to reach higher, further, expand your experience, knowledge and self esteem. One of the most common one is looking at what others do. "Stalker" mode. Friends, coworkers...your "competition" basically. If they are doing better than you, worse than you, like you... Stop that useless comparison process. Make you insecure and unprofessional. WHY CARE to compare yourself, when you know we all are different, come from different past, have different talents/flaws etc. We all have hard times, problems, family arguments, moments feeling stuck. Even those who look on top of the world everyday, so many times is just a mask. Because we wanna show our best side all the times, but truth is we all have our insecurities and fears. This doesnt mean that now you will walk around feeling content because I told you we all experience misery. Quite the opposite! That should give you a push, a reminder that all of us have the same capabilities and chances, if we have a goal, work HARD, but most of all, WE BELIEVE WE WILL MAKE IT, NO MATTER.WHAT.

Another time waster is confusion. You can't channel your focus if you don't know what you really want. This is common between fitness enthusiasts who follow let's say Crossfit for a week, than discover kettlebells, then find out they wanna run a marathon. You cant jump from one thing to another if you wanna see results. Your body is a slow learner, need months to accept changes and follow what your mind has planned way long time ago. Find what you like to do, what can make you improve and get closer to your personal goals. STICK to IT. Right, wrong? Someone said this, that? Do research, plus I presume you are smart enough to make wise choices. Do not mess around. Or in 2 weeks you are down the latter again. SAME GOES with a diet regimen...

Third time waster: too much thinking. Oooh I so fall into this. Sometimes I just think so much, that I get a brain workout lol. Keep it simple. Think less and do more. Do not over-stress or try to figure all about your life in 15min. Remember how do you think after "cardio high", try to think the same way. POSITIVE!

Now stop wasting your time reading me. Ahahah, just kidding :-P I'm glad you're here. See you next post!