How to overcome a food addiction

Almond butter

Almond butter

You might notice I often talk about food in my posts. I think food has a tremendous impact on our life, not only because is essential to our survival, but also because is a fundamental aspect in reaching goals as optimal health, greater muscle mass, better athletic performances, lower body fat and so on. Food though is also used for celebrating events (holidays, friends gathering etc) and as an "emotional stabilizer". Sometimes we eat under the influence of...emotions. We get hooked on certain foods as well (high in carbs or fat), most of the times is not only because they taste good, but because of the effect they have on our brain, they calm us down, give a mood fix (by releasing "happiness" neurotransmitters, like serotonin).

What often happen is that we get really good at training, but still suffer to keep diet on track. I don't wanna say is always lack of discipline, because even the most disciplined person sometimes might suffer through a "craving attack", then is up to you how to deal with it. Resist? Give in? Find a "healthier" alternative? Call it a refeed day? Lol. Its your MINDSET and HABIT that control how you live these moments- panicking, OR just knowing its one of those days where u gotta suck it up more, reinforce your motivation or just take a break.

But my post is about overcoming a food addiction, so I don't wanna get too out of topic (plus I hate long posts lol). To me a food addiction is not "I can't stop eating bagels and muffins" kinda thing. Its more like you are addicted to a food that is actually HEALTHY and GOOD for YOU. My two biggest food addictions have been nut butters and winter squash/pumpkin. I counted how much pumpkin I ate in the last 6 months, and it turned out, about 381 kg... So what's the problem right? They are healthy! Beside the obvious fact they can make me fat, I just detest the feeling of being "addicted". Which it presents itself in this way:

  • I NEED to have my 2 foods every day.
  • I freak out if I run out of them.
  • I'm worried when I can't eat them (away from home).
  • I rather stay home eat my foods than going out.
Winter squash

Winter squash

I've been training myself to deal with this sense of impotence over food. This is what I've been doing:

  • get rid of the TOP addicting variety. In my case for nut butters, CRUNCHY NATURAL PEANUT BUTTER. Worst motherf...! I'm doing much better with raw creamy almond butter.
  • set RULES. Once or twice a day, a certain amount (if you suck at following rules, skip this).
  • try few days WITHOUT them. You can! I did it to prove myself there is nothing I cant really live without ;)
  • make PEACE with them. Instead of feeling a druggie, accept the fact you LOVE those foods, but you love MORE being lean and shredded. So its either moderation or ELIMINATION. Your pick.

I'm doing good with moderation so far. Elimination hasn't worked for me, every time I was grocery shopping I was hovering around nut butters aisle with puppy sad eyes lol...

Thank God I'm not addicted to Nutella!!