I mean, adrenaline high...what were you thinking? ;-) This morning I had a good HIIT cardio...yeah, the rabbit was "possessed", like good old times. I stopped sprinting for a while, because I had a nagging gluteus and ankle, but today I did great, I'm proud!

It went like this: 5min light run warm up. Then 16 sprints, in the following order- 4x45 sec @10mph, 4x30 sec @ 10.5mph, 4x25 sec @11mph, 4x15 sec @12mph... Jogging approx 1.5min @5.5mph  in between each sprint.

I like to finish with some uphill running, so I did 1min @5mph 5%, 1min @5.5mph 5.5%, 1min @6mph 6%, 1min @6mph 7%, no rest in between. Now I'm just walking to cool down.

So the reach the "HIGH", in my experience you need to: 1. Make it out of your house. No kidding! Sometimes the hardest part is getting to the gym or wherever you planning to do your cardio. 2. Resist the first 10min. Those SUCK. But its a downhill ride afterwards, well, SORT OF ;) 3. Keep a good playlist on your ipod. Music has an extreme influence on your performance, especially when you do several cardio sessions a week, last thing you need is spending 40min on the elliptical skipping songs. 4.HIIT. This type of cardio is the one with the most powerful effects. The "creme de la creme" in terms of EPOC and endorphine high, metabolism boost and so on. Of course, is the most tiring one. But even just 20 min of it have a more dramatic effect than 40 min on the bike watching the clock on the gym's wall.

Now that you know the tricks, go get HIGH!

Cheers, your Rabbit On Crack