Fit Bitch


Confidence can go hand in hand with a higher self esteem, a overall feeling of "control and power" on your life and, sometimes, a pretty good dose of.... arrogance. Blame it on the low carbs, blame it on the intense and exhausting training, blame it on the constant hunger, boredom of repetition, blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol Jamie Foxx would say (love that song lol)... but the fact is, when you restrict your focus on only one thing and make ALL your life depends on it (we are talking training and dieting), you have to be aware it comes with few underestimated side effects, which leave you:

  • very argumentative: nobody is right, nobody knows shit.
  • easily irritable: WHY the stepmill is TAKEN???!!??'?'
  • arrogant: ahah! And that you call it CARDIO? LOL
  • with several mood swings: I feel on top of the world! I feel I wanna jump from the balcony.
  • lonely: I have no time to socialize, I'm on a MISSION. Leave me alone, a-hole.

Basically...a fit BITCH. I have my moments of "fit bitchness", can't deny. My mind can come up with real nasty, mean comments, but I'm fighting that ;-)

On another note... I wanna clarify something. "I don't care what people think" is one of the most STUPID statement I hear all the time, because like it or not, you DO care, what you should do is just give the right importance on what you hear (so many times people are jealous, just mean, envy to hurt you! Other time they talk with their heart) and being sure that what you're doing is the best thing for you. I like to hear what people think, but in the end I always decide myself. It's not that they will change my mind, but I like to considerate other people's point of view as well (people I care about of course, not the random guy shouting "nice ass!" from the street...)

So consider how you are living your life, if there is something you could improve, if you could be happier just making few "behavioral" adjustments. You can be fit without necessarily being a bitch too.

" sure let's talk now...GRRRAWWWWWLLLL!!!!!"