Blue days

We all have them. And no matter how many times I had to deal with them, find a way out, a reason not to fall deep into their vortex of depressing force, they come and get me. Worries, doubts, fears, negativity. Feeling powerless. Confused. Why... Why yesterday I wasn't feeling this, and nothing was real different from today? What chemical is missing in my brain? I slept well, the sun is up and shining, the sky is clear, ocean is calm, breeze is gentle. But there is an invisible storm, and that is shaking deep inside me. I received a bad news yesterday. But I can't let events which I have no control on ruin my days, my mood, my good hopes and dreams. I'm self efficient, I rely on my mental strength many times, I went through many blue days, so this is just another one. I know I'll be fine soon. You feel down, then up. I'm waiting for that second part. In the meantime, I TRAIN. Because one thing I learned, no matter if the world is falling apart, I'll never stop training.