Motivation and focus lies in yourself, your passion and desire to be your constant " best updated version"

Many times I'm asked how do I keep up with motivation, focus on training and especially clean, strict eating. I like to specify STRICT because clean eating is too vague. A bowl of oats with yogurt nuts and fruit is clean, but not "strict" if your goal is being very lean, with body fat around the lowest. You can be healthy and kinda chubby, or extra lean and sick. I wanna be very lean and as healthy as I can. So going back to the question, why this? I LOVE it, that's why.With time I learned what kind of compromises I gotta do in order to maintain more things on my plate, as far as friends, studies, travels, work while being on my low bodyfat mission, improving my overall muscle mass as well.

Compromises mean find the famous "balance", and I found it by prioritizing what matter most to me, organizing my days and applying this well known concept called periodization. First of all, keep in mind that our body work best when its asked to do one thing at time, so its wise to focus ur training and eating on one specific goal for a certain period of time, then when u are satisfied enough, set a change, a new goal and challenge for urself. Repetition lead to perfection, but can also mean u get stuck being only ONE version of urself, without exploring what else u can be capable of. So if u have builted enough body mass for the last years and think its time to concentrate on a leaning up phase, you go ahead cutting starches, lowering fats, upping ur cardio and practicing religiously nutrient timing. If u feel skinny u do focus more on weights rather than "disappearing" on excessive cardio, add overall calories to ur diet sensibly. I know very few people that can gain muscle and lose fat simultaneusly. And half of them are on something ;) Do no feel like u need to be a rolling ball of fat to gain muscles. That is wrong, you might need just few hundreds cals more-usually from carbs- to create a good environment for growth in ur body. My suggestion then is, do not get stuck on just ONE way of doing things, but practice periodization, switch up ur food and training ratio between cardio and weights. So u avoid burning out, boredom, plateaus and give ur motivation a boost!