Water Kefir

A little while ago my homeopath  friend Kim mentioned to me Water Kefir. I was like, water what? "Water kefir grains are a mother culture of strains of beneficial yeasts and bacteria. These good bacteria work with the yeast to kick out the bad guys (that are a result of antibiotics, excess sugar intake, refined foods, etc.), and change the environment" (Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/2385672). Knowing my troubled digestion (easily bloating, stomach pain etc) I thought I could definitely benefit from these friendly microorganisms ( a 500ml glass can contain as much as 5 TRILLION!), and the fun part was that I'd brew them myself!

What you need is spring water, a small plastic colander, a glass bottle of about 1.5 L, about 3-4 tsp kefir grains and 50 gr of sugar. When I hear there was sugar involved, i was like whooo...wait a minute. Im not gonna drink a glass of sugar! But researching about it, I found out that the kefir grains feed off the sugar to ferment, and the end result is quite opposite than sweet, taste like sour- flavored seltzer water... I love it!

On the left is the first day of brewing, water is clear, the grains start to get "fluffier" and float around. I used chunks of solid sugar, like palm sugar. On the right is after 24 hrs, water is changing color and the sugar is vanishing.

Today I can drink my homemade Water Kefir! 48 hrs have gone:

Brewing time is between 24-72 hrs. The more you wait the higher the probiotic count/benefits, the less the sugar, which is very little anyway. There are many variations to it, you can either use dried fruit, cranberries, lemons etc to play with different flavors. Even mix it in your protein smoothie!

I love the stuff...I know my digestion will thank me! ;)