Re-feed me

Among the numerous diet practices I've heard of, the concept of "refeed" got me intrigued. Basically a refeed is surplus of calories coming mainly from complex carbs with the intention of restoring muscular glycogen, resetting production of certain hormones like leptin and insulin to kick start your metabolism again, after been carb-depleted for a while (in my case at least 3 weeks, with carbs coming only from vegetables and morning oats). It's a well-known practice among athletes and competitors, and apparently WORKS. Some people swear by it, even when on a fat loss program. I think one of the biggest benefit of it is also psychological, you got to have a planned "cheat" (I hate that word but explain the idea) which supposedly benefits your physique too, it's a win-win! I've been refeeding few times, but personally it's not something I'd recommend to everyone. To get benefits from it you gotta be LEAN already, be familiar with strict dieting, intense training, knowing your goals and your own body. Otherwise it's just an excuse to "pig out"...

Today felt good to refeed. Everyone has a personal favorite, mine is this:

lovely walnut bread loaf, from Paul's Bakery. Yes, its not only carbs but fat as well. But without the walnuts would be boring :-P

Some people have fat free granola, rice, potatoes, oats, oat bran, pasta etc, the length of this feast might vary, again its personal preference. I keep it to 1-2 meals. Then I'm really stuffed!!!

Tell me what would you refeed with?