A day in my training: legs

Today I trained legs, and I thought to share with you my routine, I really had a good workout! Here it goes:

I started with DEADLIFT, using the 45lbs bar and disks, so I did 135lbs x12, 155lbs x10, 175lbs 2x6, 155lbs x 8, 135lbs x10.

Then, using the same bar, I switched to SQUATS. I usually start with squats but this time I really wanted to push on the deadlift first. 135lbs 2x12, but i wasnt going low as I wanted, so I did last two sets with 95lbs x12, with my butt almost touching my heels. I dont care about how much weight I lift in the end, I really want great form and full ROM. You can see me squatting here!

I superset the squats with PLIE' SQUATS, the ones you do by keeping your legs wide open, feet pointing out, holding a dumbell in your hands. I used 70lbs and did 4 sets of 15 reps.

After that I moved to the squat machine, where I did 1LEG REVERSE SQUATS. Basically you are facing the machine and squat down with one legs, like you are doing a reverse lunge. 90lbs, 3x15.

I moved to the 45 ° LEG PRESS, absolutely my favorite. I didnt use a heavy weight, 180lbs, 3x10 wide open legs + 10 feet close.

Next was the roman bench, where I did BACK OVEREXTENSIONS ( so in this workout im focusing on glutes, quads, but a special attention to hamstrings). Holding a 25lbs disk, I did 3x 10 + 5 without disk.

My last two exercises were PRONE LEG CURL and SINGLE LEG EXTENSIONS.

First one I used 70lbs, 2x 10. Then I switched mode and I alternated left and right leg, 35lbs 2 x 6 + 25lbs 2 x 6 each leg (drop sets).

Last exercise I used the unilateral Hammer machine for leg extension, which is the only one i like to use for this kind of exercise. I used 25lbs, did 4 sets of 8-10 reps each leg.

Last 10 minutes I stretched.... then was time to fuel the machine!!!

Nothing relaxes me/ makes me feel good  more than training. Man, that's my medicine ;)

This right here was my pre workout breakfast: