first time

This is my first time writing, I always been having diaries in my life but mostly they were journals about my training and food log... I wanna apologize in advance if I'm gonna make grammar mistakes, as u can tell from the title of this blog I'm from Italy! I chose that title because I thought about what are the things that distinguish me the most. TALL, for sure...I'm 5'10 and that's the first thing people say when they see me, "wow you are so tall!" Ahah...FITNESS EXPERT because I consider myself so...still learning, but I like expert instead of usual "passionate", I don't know everything of course, but been training for 10 years surely I learned some ;) the sexy italian ACCENT...LOL! I swear, there's never been someone not liking how I talk. Funny uh! I'll do a video later on so u can hear it and tell me if I'm wrong! There are many other things about me that will make u laugh, think and wonder...,but there is time for all that. Hope u'll follow me. I'm excited!