Career vs family... and a reality check

Unfortunately, I'm more and more coming to the realization that there are very few things important in life, that not all friends are true friends and money was just an evil invention. Starting with the money statement: lot of people would do pretty much anything for money, every day I see less and less morals, values and respect. Related to this, friends show their true colors when money is involved. I've seen relationship and friendship breaking up because of money. Bah.

The few things important in life for me are personal achievements, family, love and the few real friends you can luckily find. This past week I spent few days with my mom in Miami and our time together reminded me how pure and strong the mother-daughter bond is. I decided to live so far to follow my dreams and explore the world, but what a price I had to pay, stay away from my family and see them so little. So that made me question priorities, is our career and personal evolution more important than being close to our family?

I had great experiences throughout those years away, but I was surprised by how little friends I made, how little "significant people" I met. Most of my experiences were personal and private, as far as human relationships... Wow that was close to zero. I invested a lot of time and energy with some wrong people who left me empty and hurt. In Italy I had the deepest bonds and when abroad I often felt this big lack. After years of studying and traveling I was full of beautiful places, events, knowledge, experiences, but empty of relationships. So I started questioning why I needed so badly to stay away from my roots and origins... Till I met my hubby that was surely a big turn out in my decisions. I think following dreams and careers is a worthy reason to leave, but it has to be timed and it has to have an evolution (a succession of goals that become increasingly a bigger and more important plan), u can't spend 10 years following a dream, you need to set dates and know that your time is precious and you won't have it back.

I don't regret my decisions but I feel the need to be closer to my family and the people who worth the most to me. So I'm gonna use my time wiser and more efficiently. This is one of the good things I'm learning growing up!

A pic from Miami, stretching on the beach :)

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