Where did you get that a**?

Not at the store. Throughout my years of training I got to learn about exercises, diet tricks and types of cardio to get the perfect butt, the one that is firm, round, hard and has that concave "hole" on the side, the one that fights gravity, can hold a glass on top, hit and hurt someone lol. A real weapon. I also learned what can KILL a butt, transforming it into a small dried prune...

There are 2 types of ugly butts: the one who is trained in the "wrong" way which is hard, strong but small and flat, like the bodybuilder type, usually caused by too much focusing on quads and hams monoarticular exercises like leg extensions, leg curls. Then there is the one that is undertrained, that looks soft, holds too much fat and jiggles, just not enough efforts done here. I myself had moments of miserable flat butt and moments of glorious, round, traffic-stopping ass.


Lost and found. Lol

I know there is not a general solution that works for everyone, but those are the guidelines that WORK (I swear!), in the quest to build a 5 stars butt:

- WEIGHTS. Glutes are some of the widest and biggest muscles of the body, without enough stimulus there is no way they can grow or change shape. You need to lift heavy and always include squats (and all the variations you want like front, back, hack, 1 leg squat etc), deadlifts (Romanian have worked best for me), lunges (I like reverse ones), step ups, split squats, leg presses. All the rest is details. You won't grow a killer butt just on kick backs or "butt group classes " up and down a step to the music.

-CARDIO. I'd say cardio plays a big role in slimming down legs and butt if that's what you're aiming for, be aware though that too much cardio can eat your muscle mass. I like stepmill most of all, to keep my glutes firing more than just when I train legs, that is once a week. Also walking on treadmill uphill 10-15% on a slow pace. Anyways, those activities alone DON'T build your butt.

Often times I'm asked, what about spinning, does it make my legs big? All cardio activities doesn NOT add bulk (unless plyo, but that's more anaerobic and I strongly recommend a plyo workout a week in addition to legs day if you want more density on legs/butt muscles). So spinning is ok for cardio, just make sure the class is intense enough for your fitness level, remember though spinning doesn't do much on your butt. Also Yoga does NOT build a butt. Thousands of reps do NOT build a butt either.

-DIET. To avoid the enemy #1 known as cellulite (which is fat and retained water) you should limit carbs and I'd say stay away from wheat. I'm talking from experience, starches like wheat hold water more than anything else and us girls retain a lot of water in thighs. Just have some rice, oats or sweet potatoes as complex carbs. Avoid processed food, trans/saturated fat, sugars, limit fruit as well. Drink lots of water each day, about a gallon.

Remember though, too LITTLE calories aren't good either to grow, maintain or "tone" (gahhh I hate to use that word) your butt. Be sure you eat enough and at the right times.

It takes a lot of discipline of course, but eventually you get what you want: a butt that talks by itself. I have no significant genetics influence that gave me the butt I have, just eating clean and training, training and training... In the right way.

This morning a guy gave me a nice complement in the gym. He looked at me and said "looks like you squat". YOU GOT IT BUDDY!

Oh and when you have it, you can shake it too. Lol