Trip to Italy and end of carb cycling test

Tomorrow I'm flying to my hometown Milan, in Italy. I go visit my family once a year and it's very weird to be back, so much changed since I left 5 years ago. Sometimes I don't feel italian anymore, but I don't feel american either... I'm an undistinguished specimen lol. I won't be training as much, mostly I'll be running outside and stretch, with few weights sessions. I want to see my old friends, hang around the city, see the shops and eat some different food- like italian tuna can! Lol they taste so much better. And if I keep cycling carbs, stuff like THIS

Today I finished my 2 weeks carb cycling test! Had another high carb day but I mess it up a bit - had too much bread at once and now I feel sick in my stomach. That's the problem I noticed with high carb days: even if you are allowed to big quantities of food, you gotta know when to stop and have some more later. I decided instead to have two meals in one and that was not a good idea. So my end verdict is: I like carb cycling, but I found it tiring, psychologically speaking. The deplection days are very tough, the carb load last too short lol...anyway I succeeded and tightened up-didnt weight yet because with today carbs wouldn't make sense, too much water retention. Will wait few days. I'm in the process of writing my e-book about it, I suggest you to try it out. If you like it, you can use this approach for any length of time you want. I haven't decided if I'll come back to a more regular eating pattern or keep the cycling-will see once I get to Italy.

I trained legs, stretch and did light cardio at the end. Wasn't one of my best sessions, I felt heavy and tired. I don't know why its hard to stop eating once you know you're full? That's what binge eaters do... Keep eating. Remember to eat slow and stop before you feel too full. So you can enjoy a good, healthy carb load. Otherwise it turns into a binge. That's not what carb cycling is about! ;)