Things worth living

I like to approach a variety of topics. Mostly fitness, since is my biggest passion. But there is so much more that interests me, and I know I don't have just fitness freaks like me among you readers, so I'm sure you enjoy some diversity every now and then. Ok, things worth living. There are things you choose to do, eat, drink, even though they might not be the best for you, in terms of health, common sense, "normality" etc. But you wouldn't enjoy life as much without them. Hear me out, this is different from addictions. You can say you like to smoke and drink, if you do it "consciously". If you get a booze every day, if you smoke 2 packs of cigarettes regularly, well you are into an addictive behavior, which means you don't even enjoy it that much, you just NEED it, and negative effects override the positive ones. I know some things I consider worth living have side effects- again, if you overdo them. They are:

COFFEE. Life is better with a cup of coffee. Feeling energized, focus, alert. Like a real Rabbit On Crack ;)

TAN. I'm italian. We freakin LOVE being dark! What can I say. I don't wanna live pale, sorry (been overdoing here).

It started at a young

LOVE. As painful as it can get. Its worth it. If you are afraid of suffering, you are afraid of living. Love is beautiful. Can't guarantee you it last as bright as it started. It fades, transform, becomes something else, affection, memories. As far as myself, it never dies completely.

MUSIC. If I wasn't into fitness, modeling etc, I'd be either a chef or a DJ. Maybe a DJ with a kitchen as consolle. Lol. No side effects here! Dance your ass off when you can :)

DIET COKE. I can go weeks without it. But then comes a day where I'm dreaming about a tall ice cold glass of this

delicious bubbling dope.

BEING IN THE BEST SHAPE of your life (here we go fitness again,lol). But think about it. Isn't it worth it? And taking pictures, that will last forever. Unveil your potential, your beauty. And when you feel your best from outside, it make you wanna be your best on other levels. Professionally, morally, ethically... Its "inner contagious".

Bye for now...its sunny outside gotta get my tan fix :)