Killing me softly with this PHONE

I gotta admit it, I'm having quite fun with this blog. And like with all the things I love, I'll take good care of it. As ALWAYS, my day turned better after the gym. I did 68 min cardio, which I split this way: 20 min hoola hop with some new variations I learned, 30 min stepmill at level 8 with few intervals at 20, 18 min arc trainer @ 35 level resistance, 10% incline. Nothing crazy today, just medium intensity. Then I spent 50 min doing the following: trigger point therapy on the wall using my lacrosse ball. Then I used the hard foam roller and "rolled" my glutes, quads, inner thighs and IT band. In the end, some of my classic can learn more about it in one of my e-books, the Flexibility manual ;)

Now I was just chilling at home, and since I do NOT have a TV (by choice), I was entertaining myself with my phone, singing that song "Killing me softly" from Fugees... but instead of "killing me softly with his song" (original lyrics), I sang "killing me softly with THIS PHONE", who knows why.  And took this pics :-P