Steak dilemma

As we do periodization cycles with training, I find myself doing the same with food. I had for 8 months or so an almost meatless diet. I had everyday white fish, egg whites, some greek yogurt, little chicken. I had a repulsive feeling for red meat... the cruelty to the animals and all that, just made me noxious. When I went to Canada I stayed at a friend's house and he had this enormous passion for barbeque and STEAKS. I was like, oh boy... now I gotta be annoying with this nice person who just wanna feed me meat. I thought about going on with tuna cans all my staying. But I accepted trying few pieces of meat, cant deny the smell was good.

I ended up eating the whole cow....LOL. I dont know if I like meat, but one thing for sure I know is i like BARBEQUE! The char grilled, dark burned stuff.

So now I'm back in Miami and I miss my friend and his steaks. So i bought those ribeye which turned out like this. I dont know if I'll have red meat on a weekly basis again, what I know is my body sometimes ask for changes, and once in a while I listen to it ;)