Sofia teaches workshops worldwide, below are the workshops she's currently offering. Each workshop is 75-90 min long  and welcomes all levels, up to 20 students max for each workshop. Exercises regression and progression are made individually for the students when needed throughout the workshop. 



In this workshop students learn specific exercises to correctly and safely increase range of motion in the spine, lengthening the surrounding muscles of hips, lower, middle and upper back, shoulders and neck. We also focus on breathing and relaxation to allow deeper stretches, and how to do so without incurring in injuries, what feelings to expect etc. This workshop benefits all levels.


(intermediate / ADVANCED)

This workshop benefits students who are ready to take their flexibility to the next level, they must be comfortable doing basic splits and are familiar with bridge and cheststand.  Students are taught a variety of more advanced warm ups, prepare for contortion moves and learn how to control their body while transitioning from a move to another. Some balancing poses are addressed as well.


Splits Intensive

Beautiful, squared, flat splits are many's goal, but what exercises and techniques really work to achieve that? Students will learn dynamic warm ups, how to progressively lengthen hamstrings, quads, hips, adductors, glutes in order to achieve squared, flat front splits and 180 degrees middle splits. They'll also learn how to prevent injuries, correct imbalances, improve posture and alignment. Oversplits are addressed as well for the more advanced students.


 ACTIVE and Standing Split Workshop

Have you ever wondered what's the difference between a flat split on the floor and a straight one in the air? Ever wished to achieve perfect, linear vertical splits? In this workshop we'll discuss the best warm ups and exercises to bring your flexibility from horizontal to vertical, with and without the wall, with and without the support of your hands using active flexibility techniques. You'll learn what muscles need to be activated and which ones relaxed, correct posture in hips and shoulders, how to engage your core, establish solid balance and so on. Students that already have comfortable front splits will benefit the most from this workshop.


Healthy Spine Workshop

How to avoid low back pain and improve upper and middle spine mobility

The most common discomfort when practicing backbending is low back pain and excessive soreness, this is often caused by overworking a small number of lumbar vertebrae that risk to be injured under constant pressure and stress, while neglecting other areas' bending potential, like neck and upper/middle back. In this workshop we'll learn specific exercises to decompress the low back, lift the ribcage, activate core muscles, breathe correctly, plus accessing other areas of the spine with the goal of reaching a more even and throughout rounder bend.Forward bends are addressed as well. 

I love her classes a lot. She takes the time to answer all your questions and also demonstrate scaleable options if you are unable to do a certain exercise. She is a great teacher! I look forward to more classes with her.
— Mary